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Multilateral working groups to advance the Middle East Peace Process were formed in January 1992. One of these groups, the Multilateral Working Group on Water Resources, endorsed the Water Data Banks Project in November 1994. The Water Data Banks Project consists of a series of specific actions to be taken by the Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians that are designed to foster the adoption of common, standardized data collection and storage techniques among the Parties, improve the quality of the water resources data collected in the region, and to improve communication among the scientific community in the region. The project is managed by an Executive Action Team, EXACT, comprised of water experts from Israeli, Jordanian, and Palestinian water-management agencies. Technical and financial support to EXACT is contributed by the European Union, France, The Netherlands, and the United States. Former donors include Australia and Canada.



Projects and Reports

Baq'a Water Plant
WaterCare Textbook
Rainfall Intensity Project
EU Funded Projects
Time-critical Hydrological Data Acquisition and Transmission
Small-scale Water Treatment Facilities
Hydrogeologic Databases
Overview Report
Trends Report
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